Why You Should Paint Your Home’s Exterior Wall

Home Maintenance

There are a lot of ways in which you can increase the appeal and value of your home. For instance, upgrading your windows performs an aesthetic function, and at the same time, you can reduce your energy bills. Other than this having a kitchen or bathroom remodel both serve the aesthetic purpose as well as increases home value too. Among these things, painting your home’s exterior may seem a bit old-fashioned and inefficient, but the reality is far from different. An exterior paint job can work wonders and comes with a lot of logical benefits. We will discuss a few of the most crucial benefits here, and if you want to learn more about these benefits, make an appointment with a Southland professional today.

Better Aesthetics

Exterior painting offers both aesthetic and functional advantages. When you move into a new house, it is possible that you hate the color scheme of your home. You need to bring it to your expectation to make it feel like it defines you. Even if you liked the color of your home, it does not mean you can have it forever. After a few years, you will feel the need to repaint it to give it a new look and refresh it. A new paint job means you will feel better and livelier about your home every time you pull into your driveway, and this feeling goes beyond a color combination. It can put your home into a new light.

Increased Home Value and Appeal

A new paint job is not only about the aesthetics that make you feel better but also if you are looking to rent or sell it, you can massively benefit from it. Major renovations like kitchen and bathroom remodels are known to increase home value by only 80% of what you spent on the whole process. Whereas, an exterior paint job can offer a return on investment as high as 150%.
Other than this, the aesthetics heavily attract buyers and convince them to buy your home. Curb appeal is not heavily linked with home value. Instead, it is more about making the buyer believe that this house is the right choice. And there is no better way to increase curb appeal than an exterior paint job as it is the first thing that the buyer will notice about the house.

Protection Against Weather

Nature can take its toll on your home’s exterior. It can damage your walls and roof which can lead to disastrous repercussions. Having the right kind of protective paints to protect your home against rain, sun, and wind is essential for the overall health of your house. It stops water and moisture from seeping into your home and prevents mold and mildew damage.

Low-Cost High Benefit

Most importantly, an exterior paint job, unlike other home upgrades is not the most expensive thing to have done. It will not take a massive chunk out of your pocket and add value to your house. If you are intrigued by these and want to have your house’s exteriors painted, give Southland Services a call at
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